Amateurism is a platform for a collective of friends to share their passion for music via daily “vibes”, general ramblings or regular downloadable podcast mixes.

An amateur, meaning “Lover of” (a French word derived from the Latin amatorem nom. amator, “lover”)

A group of people brought together by a common passion for discovering special records (both modern and old), whether made for the dancefloor or not. People who spend their spare time striving to find exciting new music to fit into DJ sets, but have zero interest in making DJing their profession. True amateurs.

People that love dance music, but see it as a boundary free genre.


The world is a bigger place than nightclubs and ravers, but at the same time, nothing beats the feeling of a special party. The more exotic and amateur the better, approached with dedication and love… And lots of close friends.

Amateurism has nothing to do with a lack of interest in quality. Being an amateur is all about doing something because you want to do it – and because you care. This isn’t our profession, it’s our passion.

We measure vibes in strength.