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Daily Vibes


Amateurism is a platform for a collective of like-minded souls to share their passion for music via daily “vibes”, general ramblings or regular downloadable podcast mixes.

Amateurism; we measure vibes in strength.​


Mix: BlackBeauty & PolishBoobies Presents Dub N Fire

Leo Walton

Step up the Upstepper! The latest mix from my good friend Greg is 1 hour 31 minutes and 33 seconds you all need in your life.

An amateur is the purest sense - "a lover of" - and... a proper selecta to boot.

This was recorded as a pre-carnival warm up, but what with that being a wash out, and the warm weather now sneaking back in - this is sounding just as good post-carnival.

Greg knows.

In his own words: "Nother amaze collection of ruff spanning the last 50 years of Jamaica & UK Reggae, Scar & Soca.

Visiting old friends with forgotten vinyl collections, dusting off the wax & rekindling the love. After all these years, I can't say I have a favourite sub genre, so here's a collection of all the greats, covering the delights of the early 70's recordings from Reggae's youngest recording artist Errol Dunkly (14 years old), along with The Maytones & Pioneers, all offering the original 70's Kingston Sound. From the same era, I've included The Black Eagles for a slightly funkier edge. Loads from the 80's London Reggae hay day with Big Youth, Aswad, I Roy & Alton Ellis. Classic Scar from the Maytails and my favourite 'bonkers' Prince Buster (there is no madder!). Some unusual 90's Dance Hall contributions from Sly Dunbar & Ini Kamoze. The obligatory tough Dub cuts are in there too, paying homage to the great Lee Perry & King Tubby, both at their peek when recording the included 'Upsetting Station' and 'Ethiopian'. And bringing us right up to the naughties with Derrick Laro & Trinity's version of 'Don't Stop'.

All these spicy sounds have been added to the Greggae Soup with gratings of tangy, recognisable samples. Even a sprinkle of Public Enemy hidden behind the reverb.

A pre-carnival turnitup moment – I hope you love it as much as I loved mixing it?

Special respek to Black Beauty & The Polish Boobies (Big Jen & Me Juli) - AdamF - Anika - Icle Pete - Crissy - Chris Sulls - Ellie - Lil Kim - Lucia - Dorine – Yardi - all the Grove, Green, Commons & Avenues music lovers."

Trio - Da Da Da (Version Originale Anglaise)

Leo Walton

Just another example to prove my much broadcasted opinion that 1982 was the golden year for unusual pop music. This little ditty from the German band Trio is a strange mix of clashing elements that simply shouldn't work, but it's carried out with such pizazz that (to me) its the very definition of vibes.

In review: A relentless casio-influenced bleeping groove gives the backbone to Stephan Remmler's droll but brilliant "Da, Da, Da" vocal. Combine that with just the right amount of off-kilter breakdowns, uplifting guitar licks and the truly tropical piano chords that are used with wonderful restraint, and quite simply, you have an AMATEURISM HIT.

"Ich lieb' dich nicht du lebst mich nicht" 5/5

Saitana - The Disco

Leo Walton

We start this week with a record so hard to find that this might just be the only medium we all get to listen to it. But, that shouldn't deter any enjoyment.

Brought to the party by original amateur Barny Read, it's another amazing find, and a great example of just how creative and cool the scene in Soweto was back in the day.

As ever, enjoy x

Gainsbourg - Evguénie Solokov

Leo Walton

Hello there - is anybody out there?

Yes, we know, the break has been a long one.

But, no, we didn't simply stop. Instead, we've been continuing to dig and explore as ever, whilst occupying ourselves with exciting new professional ventures... but, that's enough professionalism for now... Now is the time for Amateurism once more.

We'll be trying our very best to continue where we left off, sharing our musical discoveries ("vibes", if you will) with you on a regular basis throughout the summer and beyond. And with that, we also welcome a new amateur to the gang in Andrew Stanning - a gentleman we met at the wonderful place that is Glastonbury Festival, just a few weeks back.

Andrew was playing records before myself (Leo) and Rob (aka The Mange Two) stepped up to the decks for our first set of the weekend, and his fantastic selections - and all-round approach, attitude and vibe - left a lasting impression on us both.... As did this tune, which Andrew dropped just near the end of his late morning set.

In his own words: "the Serge song is Evguénie Sokolov, with Dave Collins on organ and Sly & Robbie behind. Evguénie Sokolov was a novel that Serge wrote about an artist who used his intestinal gasses as the medium for his "scandalous artwork".

And with that, we return once again - it's good to be back x