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Balearic Island Discs - 11
Name: Nic Tasker

"Mr. Tasker is a relatively new acquaintance of mine. Having recently met via the lovely Laura 'Ice' Coulson, we instantly started talking all things Balearic! A man who divides his time by working the right records for Young Turks, selling the right records at Phonica and spinning the right records in clubs - it's fair to say he's on the right path."

Occupation: Young Turkey & DJ

Most useful Spanish phrase: "Buenas Ondas"

All-time favourite party experience in Ibiza: Last year was actually my first time on the white isle and I was DJing for most of the time, so most of my party experiences revolved around where I was playing records. I was very lucky and fortunate enough to open up Cream at Amnesia last year, so that night was pretty epic for me on a personal note. But I also had massive fun seeing Erick Morillo at Pacha... Not my scene at all, but being blasted in the face with ice cannons whilst listening to really ridiculously happy music was actually surprisingly fun.

Favourite place to chill in the Balearics: Any beach with crystal clear water that's got a relaxed atmosphere... I'm not too fussy as long as i've got some good company and some good music.

If stranded in the Balearics for the rest of my life I would... Amass an amazing collection of floral shirts.

My luxury item would be... My entire music collection... and the internet, so I can carry on discovering both new and old stuff.

The book i'd take would be... C.S. Lewis - Mere Christianity. A pretty serious choice there, but i'm reading it at the moment and it's really interesting...

My 8 Balearic Island Discs:

1. The Paradise - In Love With You // Buy
2. The Durutti Column - Otis // Buy
3. Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt // Buy
4. Vakula - Saturday // Buy
5. Parkway Rhythm - Working Girl (Club Mix) // Buy
6. Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle // Buy
7. Talking Heads - This Love Must Be The Place (Young Edits Sophisticated Melody Version) // Download
8. Daft Punk - Make Love // Buy