DOWNLOAD: Pro-Am 4 // Rob Mello

Leo WaltonComment

Our exclusive quarterly mix series returns for Winter 2012 with something a little bit special.

Celebrating the professional DJ's we love and admire the most, the Pro-Am mixes are designed to be both seasonal and open-minded as we encourage a selection with no boundaries, openly inviting the idea of playing records they may not be so well known for in their club sets.

And it gives us great happiness and pride to be able to bring you just that from one of the UK's finest house producers, and one of our all-time favourite DJ's, Mr. Rob Mello.

A true master of the selection and a man who's tastes go far deeper than the 4x4 sound he's so well known for, Rob has that special ability to introduce both new and old records in a context that engages music fans of all levels. He's a true DJ. One that can adapt to any situation and almost certainly come out on top. For his Pro-Am mix, Mr Mello takes us on a guided tour through some of his favourite not-so-well-known records, seamlessly joining the dots between a whole range of styles that can only be described as "vibes".

In his own words, "I decided to do it all with vinyl with a few overdubs, nips and tucks. Hope it fits in with what you guys are about. It was a real honour to be asked."

It most definitely does - and trust us, the honour is all ours.

With love x

Pro-Am 4 // Rob Mello - Winter 2012 by Amateurism