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Balearic Island Discs - 07
Name: Roxy Walton

"Roxanne Calypso Patricia Walton - now that's a Balearic name if ever I heard one. What to say about my darling younger sister? Well, she has great taste - in all things, not just her music selections - she really loves ice-cream and she's one of those rare breed of people that brings happiness and love to others by just being. Yep, that'll do."

Occupation: Prop stylist

Most useful Spanish phrase: “Más helado por favor."

(I bloody love the stuff)

All-time favourite party experience in Ibiza: Circoloco, DC10 - 9th June, 2008. It was the day after my 19th birthday and off the back of a brilliant weekend partying up at the Cartwright villa. To be honest, I was feeling pretty tired and wasn't sure if I had it in me. Luckily though, Leo Walton had a plan, I won't divulge his secrets but it really worked. As if by magic - I found the strength, I saw the light and I danced. Luciano played, as did a load of other lovely amigos. Best discoteque i've ever been to.

Favourite place to chill in the Balearics: Probably Mallorca, i'd choose Pollensa Old Town for a refreshment and Formentor beach for a lie down. But I love Ibiza too, anywhere in the North... I'm generally chilled out everywhere in the Balearics.

If stranded in the Balearics for the rest of my life I would... Well, I like sunbathing and reading books, but I might get a bit bored after a while so i've come up with a genius business plan just in case I do end up stranded out there. It's a Balearic version of the classic ice cream van - but it's a boat. I'm afraid i'm not going to give any more details away because it's flawless and someone will steal my idea before I get to do it.

My luxury item would be... A chauffeur.

The book i'd take would be... Elizabeth David - Mediterranean Food.

My 8 Balearic Island Discs:

1. Fern Kinney - Groove Me // Buy
2. Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski edit) // Buy
3. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden // Buy
4. Stealers Wheels - Stuck In The Middle With You // Buy
5. Malcolm Mclaren - Madame Butterfly // Buy
6. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk // Buy
7. Queen - Cool Cat // Buy
8. Flagrant Fowl - Bruce Springsteen (Cousin Cole remix) // Buy