New Year... New look Amateurism.

Leo WaltonComment
Apologies for the lack of Vibes over the past few weeks, other than the small matter of getting stuck into Christmas and New Year, i've been busy building the new Amateurism site that you see before you.

As well as a new look, other new features that include:

* Links to buy each track we post daily (We're working through updating 2011's vibes too, please bear with us).

* A new feature called 'Balearic Island Discs' where we'll be "borrowing" the classic Radio 4 format with our own Acid House twist. Interviewing the DJs, collectors and enthusiasts that we love and respect the most, asking them to share the 8 records, the book and the luxury item they'd want if they were stuck in the Balearics forever.

We aim to keep improving the content and the running of the site, starting with a series of mixes throughout January consisting solely of some of our favourite "Daily Vibes" that were posted in 2011.

Happy 2012 x