DOWNLOAD: Pro-Am 3 Carsten Klemann

Leo WaltonComment

With nearly all the leaves on the ground and Christmas just a month away, it’s officially been Autumn for a little while now… But with the strange Indian summer, it’s only now starting to feel suitably Autumnal and therefore just the right time to drop Pro-Am 3 – the Autumn edition.

Following the wonderful Tom and Benji from Permanent Vacation and the dude-king himself Jonny Rock, for this season we bring you an exclusive mix from another absolute favourite of ours, Mr. Carsten Klemann.

With a love of smart suits, bow-ties and fine cuisine, Carsten made an instant impression on us for all the right reasons. And then we realised he was a collaborator on one of our favourite dance records from the 00′s (My My’s ‘Got It‘ on Playhouse) and resident DJ at both Watergate and Panorama Bar in Berlin – at which point he very much had our attention.

With an amazing record collection and an ability to always set the tone with his ever-impressive and enjoyable selections (often favouring to play all night long), asking Carsten to take control of Pro-Am 3 was a very easy decision – we hope you like his latest mix as much as we do.

Props must also go to Rob Mello who welcomed Carsten into his studio to lay down the mix – nice one Roberto!

With love x

Pro-Am 3 // Carsten Klemann - Autumn 2011 by Amateurism