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Balearic Island Discs - 02
Name: Shaun Roberts

"Shaun Roberts is part of the Fabric of London! A gentleman and a raver, Shaun has been a good friend for years, brought together through a mutual appreciation of Tom March. With an open-minded approach to all music and one of the best jobs in the business for keeping up-to-date with the best dance records, Shaun does it right."

Occupation: Promotions Manager @ Fabric

Most useful Spanish phrase: "Manana"

All-time favourite party experience in Ibiza: It would have to be my good friends Ed and Debbie Cartwright’s 1st wedding anniversary in a villa near St. Gertrudis. Ed played an absolute blinder for most of the night and next day. So many great memories and so many great records. I can't remember the last time I went to a club out there.

Favourite place to chill in the Balearics: La Paloma ibiza for food, the square in St. Gertrudis for a beer and you cant beat bobbing about on a boat off Formentera. I would also recommend Can Talaias as a great place to stay. It was the home of the legendary Terry Thomas and is now run as a guesthouse by his son. We stayed there with friends last Easter and it was great. If you are going for a short break and don’t fancy a villa this is the spot.

If stranded in the Balearics for the rest of my life I would... Read more. I'm always frustrated that I don’t get to read enough so holiday time is often spent with my head in a book. Perfecting the perfect poolside reading spot would be great fun. Key to this would be overcoming the age old conundrum of reading while sunbathing on your back. You are either covering your face from the sun or your arm is tiring out every half chapter. I tried audio books but found i was falling asleep and spending too much time finding the spot where i nodded off.

I would also buy a dog and teach it to fetch beer from the fridge. I don’t mind opening it myself.

My luxury item would be... High speed WiFi (see below)

The book i'd take would be... Mac Book Pro (cheating?) or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

My 8 Balearic Island Discs:

1. Rachel Sweet – It's So Different Here // Buy
2. Seelenluft – Manilla // Buy
3. Taja Sevelle – Love Is Contagious (Ben Liebrand remix) // Buy
4. Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Boards Of Canada remix) // Buy
5. Patsy Cline – Walking After Midnight // Buy
6. Octave One – Black Water // Buy
7. Ann Peebles – I Can't Stand The Rain // Buy
8. Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX - I’ll Take Care Of U // Buy