Glastonbury 2011: Through the eyes of the Amateur

Leo WaltonComment

Back in the game.

So, another year, another Glastonbury and now that i’m well away from the mud, the ravers, the lovers and the security guards I can start to look back over the weekend and evaluate what I really got out of this year’s edition. Well, I can try at least.

One thing was for sure that after last year’s 40th anniversary and all the amazing times that it brought, 2011 had a lot to do to better that. But then maybe i’m looking at it the wrong way, surely every Glastonbury’s different and it’s certainly not a competition, and I think that’s just the thing, Glastonbury wasn’t better or worse for me this year, but it was different.

The path you follow, the people you meet and the decisions you make are crucial at Glastonbury, the site is now so huge with so many people attending that at times it can seem like the biggest mission in the world to just go and see a band play – and that’s without the sticky mud. But often the best way is to have no real plan, the free spirit’s are often the people that love what Glastonbury has to offer and this year, although I had little plans, my spirit just didn’t seem as free as usual. I put this down to nothing or no one else other than myself and my own willingness to try and do too much and relive previous years adventures – particularly DJing highs – and that was a mistake as you need new experiences to make it special. So DJing didn’t work out the way I hoped, but hey you win some, you lose some.. To be fair one out of the three sets was actually pretty good, the other two were just pretty poor and tiredness had got the better of me on both occasions.

Musical highlights were without doubt Paul Simon – he was never going to disappoint – and the leftfield decision to go and check Big Boi from Outkast instead of The Chems (nothing against them, I just needed something different at the time and it worked out brilliantly). Was also great to see Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs play in a field finally – his set is made for festivals – and Wu-Tang, for all their sloppy mistakes and pretty poor sound, it was still a real moment to see (nearly) all of them on stage at the same time whacking out all the classics. O.D.B G.O.D… Also The Eels were everything I could ever want from a rock n roll act. Shame about Beyonce mind, i’m certainly not knocking her, her pyrotechnics crew or her amazing opening.. but as time went on, it didn’t half feel like I was watching the X Factor final. The perfume advert was the bit that really did it for me – where was Jigga man? Kanye? Alicia? Gaga? Or just some Destiny’s Child hits?? And who the fuck invited Tricky?!

Overall it was just lovely to be with all my family and friends in a very familiar setting again, but maybe next year with a year off it will give us all a chance to go and experience something completely new. Somewhere smaller, somewhere that I know nothing about, somewhere my spirit can once again run free.

In short – it rained at the start and cleared up by the end. See you in 2013 x