DOWNLOAD: Pro-Am 2 Jonny Rock

Leo WaltonComment

The Pro-Am mix series returns with the mighty king dude himself, Mr Jonny Rock (aka Rock-a-loco, aka The Rockateer, aka Captain Rock….. and many more!). Picking up where the brilliant Permanent Vacation guys left off with their Spring mix, we give you Pro-Am 2.

With each Pro-Am mix here to provide a seasonal soundtrack, it wasn’t a tough decision to ask Jonny to take control of our first summer mix. With his amazing Riders Beach mix from a couple of years back still getting heavy rotation on the Amateurism stereo, it would have been rude not to have given him first option quite frankly.

As well as being one of the coolest motherfuckers we’ve ever encountered, he also has an ability of consistently playing and finding wonderful records that we’ve often never heard of, which is exactly what make us happy. With a tight allegiance to Classic Records and Music For Freaks, as well as being a member of the Freaks band and editor-extraordianire as The Old School Rider – the man should need no introduction…

But just in case, ladies and gentlemen, please sit back and enjoy this summer’s selection from the one and only Jonny Rock.

Pro-Am 2 // Jonny Rock - Summer 2011 by Amateurism