DOWNLOAD: Pro-Am 1 Permanent Vacation

Leo WaltonComment
Welcome to the Pro-Am mix series, a new quarterly injection of music brought to you by us at Amateurism – but mixed by Professionals.

Each Pro-Am mix will be seasonal and up first we have the brilliant Permanent Vacation duo who have delivered an amazing Springtime mix for us. For those unaware of how great these Munich-based dudes are (where have you been?), take one look at their amazing label of the same name and you’ll start to appreciate why we love their work so much. Having consistently delivered as producers and label managers over the last few years, it is with great honour that they did this exclusive mix for us. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Look out for the Summer edition of Pro-Am in the coming months.

Pro-Am 1 // Permanent Vacation - Spring 2011 by Amateurism