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Balearic Island Discs - 01
Name: John Hassay

"If you could only choose one person to go out dancing with, John Hassay would be a very good choice. Having met John via friends at the DC-10 closing party in '05, we instantly hit it off. 7 years later and now with child (John Hassay Jr), the legend that is Hassay continues to be as passionate about finding and sharing amazing music as ever."

Occupation: Executive Producer @ Skin Flicks

Most useful Spanish phrase: "Dos Cerveza por favor"

(I can manage that in eight different languages)

All-time favourite party experience in Ibiza: Acid Ted at the villa playing Katzenberger's cover of 'Cars' by Gary Numan. We were three days in and at the 'sitting down' stage when this kicked in causing a spontaneous arm dance from everyone in the room led, of course, by Acid Ted. It's possibly the most optimistic celebratory record i've ever heard and as a previously confirmed 'bleak is best' techno fan this is a startling admission. I also believe there is footage of this momentous occasion, which might be worth tracking down.

Favourite place to chill in the Balearics: Benirras. I like the people, the vibe and the five different types of paella at the Spanish restaurant furthest back from the beach - Arroz Nero is the best by the way. I feel I could live there forever. I don't feel the need to be staying on the south of the island either. I prefer the north and the east as it's a bit more chilled out and a bit more bohemian. Nothing wrong with people having fun, I just prefer the right people having the right fun at the right time.

If stranded in the Balearics for the rest of my life I would... get up early with the wee man and take him to Benirras for an early swim and then a long lazy lunch with my friends and probably plenty of breakfast wine, followed by 43 liqueur with loads of ice. I'm more of a daytime raver these days so i'd be into maybe catching the daylight part of DC-10 then out to dinner or cooking back at the villa. Not too late so i'd always have some gas in the tank for any surprise villa parties or indeed special occasions. Like Stephen Gerrard, i'm trying to time my runs a bit more these days. Still there is no greater pleasure than hearing my friends play brilliant records and that can be just as much fun in my living room as a night club, but probably best at a beach party.

My luxury item would be... Himalayan pollen. Oof. Next level.

The book i'd take would be... 'The Magus'. It's suitably dreamy for an Ibizan adventure, though i'm currently loving 'Robinson Crusoe' and 'East Of Eden' is next up to bat.

My 8 Balearic Island Discs:

1. Expansives - Life With You // Good luck
2. J.J Cale - Ride Me High - Joakim re-edit // Buy
3. Lucio Battisti - El Velero // Buy
4. Wings - Goodnight Tonight // Buy
5. Claudja Barry - Love For The Sake Of Love - Tom Moulton mix // Buy
6. Tulio Piscopo - Stop Bajon // Buy
7. Chilly - For Your Love - long version // Buy
8. Katzenjammers - Cars // Buy