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Space Art - Love Machine

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Just heard this! Discovered via the new compilation from Because Music called Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) .

According to both Resident Advisor and the label, the compilation
"collects artefacts from the French electronic music scene throughout the 1970s, chronicling an era 'when the synthesizer was man's best friend and when the future had a future'."

Nice. Really nice.

This one from Space Art (great name for a 70's cosmic group!) is a winner. You can currently stream the whole compilation via RA in a very modern 'try before you buy' style situation. And you can buy the vinyl here.

Tony Williams - Via The Spectrum Road

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Allowing 48 hours breathing space from the previous Chris Wood & Meat record / Ricardo Villalbos tribute - I felt it deserved some space - we now come again with something a little different.

Where that selection was Day Two dancing from the night before, this one is more Day Three/Day Four, huddled closely round a campfire in the desert somewhere... Perhaps, sampling the wonders of ayahuasca, feeling warm inside, wrapped in fur and seeing nothing but hearts through the "spectrum road".

This one is deep. Enjoy.

Chris Wood & Meat - Triple S

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This one was released in 2011, and it's a record that I slept-on at the time, well perhaps "slept-on" isn't quite accurate, as I stopped regularly going to see DJ's such as Ricardo Villalobos (see image) play in nightclubs quite a few years ago now. I still like to dip my toe in every now and then (of course), and try and keep up with the best music (naturally), but if I was to go out again soon, i'd love to go and see Ricardo play. Preferably at some ungodly hour on a beach or in a Berlin warehouse with a cosmopolitan crowd, perhaps even during "day two" when he's at his loosest, most relaxed happy-place - and effortlessly in the groove. These are the memories I cherish from dancing to his sets over the years.

This record - by Chris Wood & Meat I should add - sums up everything I love about Ricardo's sets... Freeform jazz drums, strange sounds, Chicago swing, Disco references, a huge build, and all underpinned with a Germanic tech-house drive that simply sounds amazing in the right setting, on the right ingredients.

Long live Ricardo. And thank you very much to Chris Wood & Meat.

War - Lowrider - Mojo Filter Day Trip Re-Trip

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We've been really appreciating the Mojo Filter of late. Ben Zaven Crane's creative editing can take the fun-factor to a whole new level, and having rinsed his take on Nick Cave's 'Right Red Hand', we've now lovingly embraced his wonky re-edit of War's 'Lowrider'.

"Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with me!"

Just straight up psychedelic party vibes of the highest order, and currently soundtracking our Saturday afternoon. You can buy this edit, and the entire Vintage Edits Vol.III LP here.


Giorgio Moroder - Evolution

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This be the vibes of the day.

Giorgio Moroder in all his glory. 'Evolution' makes up the entire B-Side of the 'Battlestar Galactica' soundtrack, and you have to say it more than deserves it's place on that beautiful piece of vinyl from Casablanca Records.


Mutant Disco. Even the lengthy meander and occasional soaring electric guitars in the mid-section don't dislodge my thirst for more. Just wonderful.

Space. Lets keep exploring, man.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand (Mojo Filter Carne Creep Out)

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After an extended absence from posting music, we return to the Amateurism fold without apologies but with a fresh selection of musical discoveries to share with you all. Amateurism in it's nature is not an obligation, but purely a passion and we hope you are all still with us to continue in our quest towards discovering music that stands out from the crowd.

First up in this new chapter is this excellent remix of Nick Cave by Mojo Filteraka Ben Crane. An absolutely classic in it's original form, Ben has reworked 'Red Right Hand' in the most complimentary of ways to fit the dancefloor. Simple, effective and highly enjoyable.

Free download on Soundcloud too. What more could you want...

Jeremy Deller - Voodoo Ray

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One of the things I love about Amateurism is i'm always making notes and picking up on new musical discoveries wherever I am - in a field, in a club, watching TV, with friends, and in this case, in a surprise little gallery in South Kensington this week.

Not only would I not normally ever find myself in this part of town - but for doing a bit of work there currently - I definitely wouldn't expect to discover an amazing steel drum version of Voodoo Ray. But, this is what happened to me yesterday and i'm so very grateful - to be fair, the mention little gallery turned out to be a part of The Vinyl Factory (I had no idea they had a base there - seems like an odd place for them to be) - and I will be heading back very soon.

This, and the other covers featured on The English Magic EP, are all great. Highly uplifting and just a fantastic creative project. Listen below and watch the video for more background on it all.

Vibes. Enjoy. X