Gainsbourg - Evguénie Solokov

Andrew StanningLeo WaltonComment

Hello there - is anybody out there?

Yes, we know, the break has been a long one.

But, no, we didn't simply stop. Instead, we've been continuing to dig and explore as ever, whilst occupying ourselves with exciting new professional ventures... but, that's enough professionalism for now... Now is the time for Amateurism once more.

We'll be trying our very best to continue where we left off, sharing our musical discoveries ("vibes", if you will) with you on a regular basis throughout the summer and beyond. And with that, we also welcome a new amateur to the gang in Andrew Stanning - a gentleman we met at the wonderful place that is Glastonbury Festival, just a few weeks back.

Andrew was playing records before myself (Leo) and Rob (aka The Mange Two) stepped up to the decks for our first set of the weekend, and his fantastic selections - and all-round approach, attitude and vibe - left a lasting impression on us both.... As did this tune, which Andrew dropped just near the end of his late morning set.

In his own words: "the Serge song is Evguénie Sokolov, with Dave Collins on organ and Sly & Robbie behind. Evguénie Sokolov was a novel that Serge wrote about an artist who used his intestinal gasses as the medium for his "scandalous artwork".

And with that, we return once again - it's good to be back x