Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Long Version)

Jamie Cruisey, VibesLeo WaltonComment

Absolute timeless brilliance here from Australian three-piece Severed Heads, originally released in 1984

(Amusing) Wikipedia fact: The band's name change to Severed Heads, from Mr. & Mrs. No Smoking Sign, was meant, in part, as a joke. Tom Ellard: "...We were called Mr. & Mrs. No Smoking Sign, because that was really ugly. Then, we wanted to fool people that we were Industrial and it worked. Severed Heads was a really dumb name, so that’s what stuck. Forever. I hate it by the way."

That's the spirit. That aside, this is the sort of amazing record that makes time stop still, take 6.28 out of your day and let that happen.