Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads - Dope version

Leo Walton, VibesLeo WaltonComment

Working through the list from Glastonbury and this just had to be the first post for me.

Not only is this just an amazing record to listen to, it was the power of it being the opener having slowly meandered right up to the front of the West Holts from our initial position of around 2km away from the Pyramid stage watching The Stones. Just a very special moment and sounded as HUGE as ever.

Although we've all heard it before, this 'Dope version' video is more than worth another viewing or two. In fact, in the words of two young rockers - "we're not worthy".

Everlasting respect to Chuck D who held up the mantle with pride and grace - "this isn't the band".  Also very nice of him to keep shouting out to Rob.