I:Cube - Disco Cubism - Daft Punk remix

Leo Walton, VibesLeo WaltonComment

There's a hell of a lot of talk around the new Daft Punk album right now, and rightly so considering the effort and skill they put into their very impressive marketing campaign over the past few months. I love good pop music and have always been a fan of Daft Punk's, although in recent years there's generally only been one track off each album that's really stood out for me. And, despite all the hype, I feel exactly the same way about 'Random Access Memories' - 'Get Lucky' is infectious, simple brilliance.

I have to say though, it feels more of a disappointment this time round as the whole production & writing approach that was unveiled, as well as all the collaborators involved, sounded amazing and filled me with genuine excitement. I guess that's the hype machine working - or perhaps it's the album not delivering?

Either way, here's a seriously good remix of I:Cube by the two robots from way back in 1996... Jazzy robot mid-90's French-house heaven and I love it.