Domino Radio with Kieran Hebden

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This mix is a whole year old now, maybe more, but as any Amateurism follower will know, we have no interest in being the first on things - we just share our special discoveries with you all and this 2-hour set from Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, definitely falls into that category.

We're huge fans of Kieran's work here at Amateurism. As a producer he is up there with the best of them and his choice of reference, groove and weirdness resonates very well with us. His selection's as a DJ is equal to all of that, and when he starts picking out some of the original records that inspire him, it is just a joy to behold... as he shows us here with this impromptu mixdown in New York for Domino Radio.

Everlasting respect to Four Tet.