André Kraml - Dirty Fingernails

Rob Leggatt, VibesLeo WaltonComment

Around the early-mid 00's - there was a golden period of interesting dance music coming out of Berlin and Cologne, with the mighty Kompakt and all their subsidiaries and affiliated acts bringing forth what was essentially a new form of clinical electronic pop. Even if it wasn't all 'pop' as such, their take on dance music had a new pace, a new European coolness to it - and more than anything, it was packed with personality and punch.

André Kraml was certainly an artist that fell into this bracket and although his utterly brilliant 'Safari' record was the one that most people remember (with the help of a certain Damian Lazarus and his Crosstown Rebels label), he released a string of great tracks around the same time, many of which came out on Firm.

This one, 'Dirty Fingernails' has some serious swagger about it.

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