Chris Wood & Meat - Triple S

Leo Walton, VibesLeo Walton2 Comments

This one was released in 2011, and it's a record that I slept-on at the time, well perhaps "slept-on" isn't quite accurate, as I stopped regularly going to see DJ's such as Ricardo Villalobos (see image) play in nightclubs quite a few years ago now. I still like to dip my toe in every now and then (of course), and try and keep up with the best music (naturally), but if I was to go out again soon, i'd love to go and see Ricardo play. Preferably at some ungodly hour on a beach or in a Berlin warehouse with a cosmopolitan crowd, perhaps even during "day two" when he's at his loosest, most relaxed happy-place - and effortlessly in the groove. These are the memories I cherish from dancing to his sets over the years.

This record - by Chris Wood & Meat I should add - sums up everything I love about Ricardo's sets... Freeform jazz drums, strange sounds, Chicago swing, Disco references, a huge build, and all underpinned with a Germanic tech-house drive that simply sounds amazing in the right setting, on the right ingredients.

Long live Ricardo. And thank you very much to Chris Wood & Meat.