Amateurism at Port Eliot Festival 2016 - A playlist from Gavin Lucas

Leo WaltonComment

"Hole & Corner" is all about your little niche, your "thing" that you love to do, the area of your brain that gives you nothing but pleasure and your dedication to it is boundless forever more. This can of course be your profession if you're one of the very lucky ones, but more than anything it's your hobby and your personal interest. These same principles can of course be very directly applied to "Amateurism" too.

In the build up to our collaboration with Hole & Corner at Port Eliot Festival 2016, as part of the newly formed The Peg & Mallet bar from Golden Age, we are showcasing playlists that capture that very spirit from fellow Amateurism crew members who'll be playing music over the weekend.

Last week we had Rob Leggatt and his most excellent take on the Sunday morning playlist, and now we Gavin Lucas and his killer collection of Southern soul (and beyond). Our man Gavin, or G The P as he's known to some, has amassed an enviable collection of hard to find 7"s that focus on a wide breadth of 50's-60's blues, soul, rockabilly, diner, boogaloo.. call it whatever you like, he's got the good shiz! You're in for a treat.

True to the H&C vibe, please follow the link to delve into a particular corner of G The P favourites..... take it away.....!