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Amateurism is a platform for a collective of like-minded souls to share their passion for music via daily “vibes”, general ramblings or regular downloadable podcast mixes.

Amateurism; we measure vibes in strength.​


Jeremy Deller - Voodoo Ray

Leo Walton

One of the things I love about Amateurism is i'm always making notes and picking up on new musical discoveries wherever I am - in a field, in a club, watching TV, with friends, and in this case, in a surprise little gallery in South Kensington this week.

Not only would I not normally ever find myself in this part of town - but for doing a bit of work there currently - I definitely wouldn't expect to discover an amazing steel drum version of Voodoo Ray. But, this is what happened to me yesterday and i'm so very grateful - to be fair, the mention little gallery turned out to be a part of The Vinyl Factory (I had no idea they had a base there - seems like an odd place for them to be) - and I will be heading back very soon.

This, and the other covers featured on The English Magic EP, are all great. Highly uplifting and just a fantastic creative project. Listen below and watch the video for more background on it all.

Vibes. Enjoy. X