"It's perhaps rather appropriate that the man who demands you to "get to the bar and get yourself a drink" on a weekly basis is, in fact, the original Balearic-Butler himself. A man, and indeed a legend (on both these shores and the White Isle) - Leo's spirit for fun has always been strong, but he's got a serious knowledge of records to match." 


Plugger / Promoter / Producer / DJ / occasional MC!

Most useful Spanish phrase:

“Uno mas por favor! (One more please!)

All-time favourite party experience in Ibiza:

Having lived on the island in my early twenties for a couple of years, there are so many memories from both the summer and winter months of the year. But, I would have to probably go for the summer of 1999 and my first ever Manumission experience: Motel roof terrace BBQ, then Motel rave, then on to Privilege for the main event followed by Space Terrace "Carry On" (Alfredo and El Mono were spinning) and finally touching down at Bora Bora... It was a crazy vibe and an introduction to the world of Mike and Claire Manumission and their troupe of DJ's / strippers / pole dancers / pornstars / dwarves / fire breathing acrobats... it was like a Balearic circus!

Favourite place to chill in the Balearics:

The Northern part of Ibiza was always my home from pretty much the beginning of my stay in the Balearics - a place where i've spent a lot of time. I lucked out with a Penthouse flat above a restaurant called Can Curune just outside San Juan - a traditionally rural area, away from the tourism and the club life. It's a hippie HQ for those who want to seek out an alternative lifestyle, so i'm told.

There wasn't much going on up there, which was the main appeal looking back! Benirras or Cala San Vicente for the beach, Can Curune for supper... the incredible pink skies at sunset viewed from our huge roof terrace were incredible - that was the spot for me.

If stranded in the Balearics for the rest of my life I would...

Hmmm... this puts a smile on my face. Those that knew me in my early twenties would know that I was stranded in the Balearics and have already faced this exact dilemma: should I stay (possibly for life) or should I go back home? But in the end, I managed to escape from "Devil's Island".

But, I will say this, Ibiza is not an easy place to leave when you live in the middle of nowhere without savings, transport or phone, I can tell you! 

My luxury item would be...

4X4. Yo need wheels in the Balearics to properly enjoy the place... always learn from your mistakes first time round!

The book i'd take would be...

A pocket size Spanish phrase book - important to be able to touch base with those locals :)

My 8 Balearic Island Discs:

1. T Power - Mutant Jazz // Buy
2. The Aloof - Never Get Out The Boat // Buy
3. Ginny - Can't Be Serious // Buy
4. Wide Boy Awake - Slang Teacher // Buy
5. Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life // Buy
6. Red Snapper - Hot Flush - Sabres Of Paradise remix // Buy
7. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer - DJ Ariel remix // Good luck
8. UR - Knights Of The Jaguar // Buy