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After taking a short break from the Amateurism mix game – big up to G The P, B-Dog and Gilbey for some lovely selections – The Amateur returns with a mixed bag of treats for one and all.

Taking in everything from Kenyan Funk to Out-there Italo, Chilean Pop to quirky German house, British innovation and Irish psyche – this is quite literally a tour de force. Let’s keep it global baby.

For the sixth Amateurism mix, we give you the ‘There’s A World Out There’ mix.


1. Andwella – Hold On To Your Mind (edit)
2. Tifit Hayed – Wganda Kenya
3. Ify Jerry Krusade – Everybody Likes Something Good
4. Helen Banks – Do You Know
5. Valentine – Tina Are You Ready (instrumental)
6. Blancmange – Don’t Tell Me (extended mix)
7. Christian Bruhn – Wetten, Dass… ?
8. Fredi Michel – Enganami (Broke remix)
9. My My – Clean Break
10. Guru Guru Sun Band – Starway
11. Sombrero Galaxy – Journey To The Centre Of The Sun
12. Bottin – Sciarando El Scuro
13. Tullio De Piscopo – ‘E Fatto ‘E Sorde! E? (Money Money) (Maxessa edit)
14. Easy Going – Do It Again

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